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Oracle cards with 50 symbols of ancient wisdom for healing and guidance.

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Easy to use Oracle Cards

Ancient Symbol Energy Cards are a deck of oracle cards that can be used for insightful readings in a simple and accessible way. They are created with powerful symbols that have embodied insightful meanings in cultures throughout history. Each symbol represents elements in our lives with a historical significance, but there are also hidden meanings interpreted differently by the individual. These cards offer an easy alternative to tarot cards for us to receive guidance and messages from a higher, universal wisdom.

Tap in to Ancient Knowledge

Energy is all around us and we are made up of energy in the form of vibrating particles. This is not only trusted by mystics or in obscure religions such as Buddhism, but recent discoveries in quantum physics have proven this existence of energy. This belief is now widely accepted among many from different schools of thought.
On careful observation, we understand that energy is a vibration and the frequency and patterns this energy creates makes up all matter in our physical realm. By tuning into these energies, we have a greater understanding of the universe that surrounds us, even the dimensions we cannot observe with the physical manifestation of our human bodies. Our unconscious mind is connected to the non-physical universe and has the ability to tap into to this universal wisdom. Energy cards are a practical tool that strengthen our connection to the universe to help us discover its wisdom and guidance on our earthly journey. Ancient wisdom flows through the cards to give the user guidance for healing and growth of consciousness.



Draw guidance from ancient wisdom with symbols that have been used by many civilizations throughout time and still familiar to us.

Shuffle, set your intention and lay out all the cards in 5 rows of 5 cards. 

Turn cards to match the same symbols, taking note of the direction.

Read all matching symbols in one of the four directions for your reading.

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Meet the Creator


As an avid traveller, Susan has explored over 80 countries around the world. During her travels, she has always been drawn to visiting ancient and sacred sites, interacting with different cultures, and learning from energy healers and shaman. Over the last 20 years she has studied local healing practices and spiritual beliefs by participating in sacred rituals and ceremonies around the world. These experiences made her aware of the existence of a common ancient wisdom, the way energy flows through everything and how these can be used for healing and guidance.

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